Profesional Driver / Rider / Stuntman / Actor / Mode

I have a 25 year background related to motor sports and action / combat sports.
Go karts / Track / Rally / Off road / Drift /
Motor cross / Enduro /
Downhill / Cross country / Street
Martial Arts / Krav Maga

Have performed driving and riding action in movies/ tv shows and commercials as well as working as a car stunt coordinator / choreographer , providing the safest environment and most precise and spectacular performances.

As a driver / rider I always keep my skills at top level by training and competing in different disciplines.

Stunt and race driving instruction as well as performing shows and hot laps at race tracks and venues are another part of my relationship with motorsport and events.

As a precision driver I have performed for many different brands and scenarios . From drifting the streets of Lisbon in a BMW M4 to cruising the Isle of Sky in a Volvo V90. I have experience with all top tracking vehicle company’s such as Russian Arm providers as well as Scorpio Arm , also worked with many top drone companies.
Having more than 10 years experience in the industry I understand all filming and performing needs my clients requiere as well as correctly dealing with prototype and pre production vehicles.

My motorsport background provides me the mechanical knowledge in cars and bikes needed to correctly advise on preparation of a vehicle for the different actions my team or myself may need to perform a stunt or extreme driving action.

As a stunt man, I have performed in car chases, crashes , motor bike chases, fights , rigging action , ground work , horse falls , and I’m up for all different kinds of stunts.

I have worked in many spanish productions TV / Features as well as international projects like Terminator VI , The Rythm Section, Born a King, Gunman, Silence, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote , Libertador, Marrowbone.

As a car stunt / choreography coordinator I have arranged car chases, crashes and drift actions ,   for tv shows / features and car commercials. My main concern at all times is the safety of all crew members as well as providing Directors with the most extreme and amazing performance possible. Once again my motorsport and street rally racing background provides me with the necessary knowledge required to understand and arrange a stunt or car / bike action.

Acting and modeling . After taking acting lessons and actively learning and improving ,  I am able to perform as an actor/ model , I have performed acting / modeling for different car brands during the years , as well as some acting performances in TV and features.

I am bilingual, English / Spanish , have experience in IT , filmmaking , mechanics and business . I have worked in different parts of the world ( Europe , South America , Asia , Middle East ) and I’m constantly learning new skills to provide the best results as a performer and coordinator. My goal is to keep it real , make it amazing and safe , and in all cases, create a friendly and professional work environment.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Adams